The Reality Of The Society Essay

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Imagine this dystopian society. You’ve been born into this ominous darken devoid world, but sadly due to the times and your age it’s all you’ve known for your whole life. As young 10 year old boy you’ve always known there be something wrong with this world, but whenever you’ve asked parents why we aren’t allowed to speak up about certain events. You’re dismissed by your parents, and told you shouldn’t be such stupid boy you can’t speak freely in this world or else you won’t last very long in this government. As you’ve gotten older you’ve learn the reality of really going on for the citizen. The citizens are devoid of their freedoms, devoid of their liberties, and devoid, and devoid of free speech. You’ve learned the truth about the corrupt government that hold iron grip over its citizens, and anybody that oppose them is truly evil shall be quickly eliminated for their treason.

As you’ve gotten older you’ve had a conversation with your grandparent asking them why the world like this is. They quickly answered you it wasn’t always this way. We remember the old golden days, but it is now forbidden to speak about this old government known as the United States of America. As your grandparents reminisce about their younger days they’ve decided to speak about the forbidden topic. The United States of America was one greatest country this Earth has ever known, and remember those days before the dark times that we’ve grown accustom to. In those days we so much freedom we almost…

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