Essay on The Real Lasagna

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The Real Lasagna Possibly one of the oldest pastas invented, lasagna was originated in the city of Naples, Italy. Lasagna is a very popular and traditional dish that is served through families and generations over time. It is also my favorite food. As a pasta and meat lover, the combination of pasta, meat, and rich cheeses is perfect. When I first consumed it, it was almost like magic and as if heaven erupted in my mouth. As a picky eater, I only like lasagna from certain restaurants and the way my father makes it. I love Italian food, but lasagna has to be one of the best pasta/meat combinations invented. With fresh cheeses, high quality tomato sauce, and a fair amount of beef, it is heaven served on a plate. The main ingredients of this wonderful entree is composed of pasta, beef, and cheese. Although there are many nutrients within the beef, cheese, and the pasta in lasagna along with the reasonable prices for each ingredient, overall this food is bad because of the animal cruelty involved along with the environmental consequences that is in the processing of beef and cheese. Beef production has been a serious topic recently because the food industry has such a bad connotation. The National Beef Board and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, two organizations that are constructed of cattlemen in support of the beef production process, provides anyone with insight on their side of the argument. On their website,, they include a detailed process of…

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