The Production Of The Blood Essay

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The production of In the Blood would be classified as a mix between “outside” (external/presentational) and “inside” (or internal/representational). This is an effective strategy because it keeps the audience involved and makes them pay attention to the plot. As Cohen says, “Great acting, therefore, comes from both the inside and the outside”. To continue, according to Robert Cohen, “Presentational performers directly and continuously acknowledge the presence of audience members by singing to them; dancing for them; joking with them; and responding openly to their applause, laughter, requests, and heckling.” (15). For example, as the play begins the children vandalized Hester’s home with the word “slut” and spoke down upon her. However, while doing so the characters engaged the audience. Another example would be when the Reverend performs his service and responds to the audience’s remarks. In some instances it appeared he wanted a response from the audience because he paused after making some statements. On the other hand, in representational performances (inside) the actors are blind to the audience and appear to follow a script. For instance, the scenes where the people who contributed to Hester’s five mistakes did not have any recognition of the audience.
In addition, one of the staging elements within the play that stood out to me were the blocking used by the director. This blocking was essential to the play although it is overlooked by the audience. It allows the…

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