The Problem Of Human Rights Essay

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Over the course of this project, not only have I learned about pressing human rights issues in five different countries, but demonstrated my intense knowledge of one of those countries through creating a museum exhibit. The country that I had chosen for my museum exhibit was Mexico. My prior, prejudiced knowledge included the common perception that most Mexicans were lazy construction workers, illegals, drunks, and conmen. Clearly, none of those stereotypes are true. Every country has their own fair share of lazy construction workers, illegals, drunks, and conmen; Mexico is not the only country with those kinds of people. Being given this opportunity to further study Mexican human rights issues, unfortunately I think it made me even more close-minded than I already was. Granite, I came to the conclusion that the Mexican stereotypes are false anyways, however this project forced me to study the unfavorable qualities of the country, If I were to continue this project, to avoid only studying the poor qualities of a country, I think we should do research on its favorable qualities as well. We spent so much time researching the negatives about the country, that we did not have the opportunity to research all of the positives the country has to offer us. With our lack of research regarding the positives, it created an even more close-minded viewpoint than before. Personally, if someone asked me what I knew about Mexico, I could rattle off fifteen reasons why it is a bad country,…

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