Essay about The Problem Of Being Grossly Overweight

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In recent years, the problem of being grossly overweight, or obese has become rampant among Americans. In fact, an alarming number of persons are suffering from obesity today (Selimyan). According to Selimyan, “In the United States, the obesity rates in children doubled during past three decades and quadrupled in adolescents. About one-third of all adults are obese and two-thirds are overweight in the United States” (Selimyan). With this in mind, research has surprisingly shown that “obese young adults and middle-agers in the U.S. are likely to lose almost a decade of life on average, as compared with their non-obese counterparts. Given our obesity rates, that means Americans who are alive today can collectively expect to sacrifice 1 billion years to obesity” (Freedman 7). These numbers are shocking, and rightly so, since we have countless programs in place to aid in combating obesity. Furthermore, the number of children who are obese are shockingly at seventeen percent (Schulman 3). So what is being done about this? Moreover, why aren’t the numbers going down? The most common solution is to blame a culprit, fast food, which does have some merit to it, but there are many reasons why this solution is unrealistic and there is much more that needs to be done to resolve the problem of obesity; for example, doctors should be primarily concerned with educating their patients on obesity, and encouraging them to use this knowledge to further help their children to follow a…

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