Essay on The Privacy Of The United States Constitution

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Privacy is a right guaranteed to Americans under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. While items in the physical realm have be easily understood as being protected by this amendment, it is not exactly the case with digital items such as data and information files. As a result, technology companies such as Apple introduced encryption security measures to protect their information from being accessed. However, this has resulted in conflict over how to access data relating to crimes and similar heinous acts. An example of this is the conflict between Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
In February, a federal magistrate ordered Apple to assist the FBI in breaking the security measures of one of their iPhone devices. This device was used by Syed Rizman Farook, the suspect in a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. Apple called out this ruling, saying any effort to compromise the security of this device could compromise the privacy of Apple customers in the future, as well as set a dangerous precedent by providing the government to access cell phone information through a backdoor to the phone’s software. On the opposing side, the FBI, supported by the Department of Justice, said they needs to access the phone’s data in order to gain information regarding the motivations for the San Bernardino attack. It says this information could only be accessed with Apple’s assistance (Weise).
While the FBI later broke into the phone’s software through the…

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