The Principles Of Social Influence Essay

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Social influence refers the ways in which people are altered by external factors People often behave based upon their beliefs of the behaviors of others and also on their own beliefs to adhere to social norms. It also can be seen in scenarios when a person makes a direct request to another and the other person obeys the request. Each day we are constantly surrounded with information that attempts to influence in some forms or another. Compliance is a form of social influence in which a person changes his or her behavior in response to implicit or explicit request made by another person. It is sometimes intentionally applied to gain something from someone, which can results in overt behaviors. In advertising, compliance is a very important technique used many times to convince customers to purchase something. For example, sometimes consumers are often are uninterested in buying unnecessary products or services, but most of the times they end up buying these same products that they don’t really need. They end up complying with sales request due to pressure from social influence. There are six compliance principles that seem to play important roles in achieving compliance without really affecting to some extant consumer attitudes towards a product. These principles include reciprocity, commitment & consistency, social proof, liking, scarcity and authority. For example, buying a used car can bring a lot of anxiety for new car owner, in contemplating whether they’re being asked…

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