The Power Of Bollywood By Nurith Aizenman Essay

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The Power of Bollywood Bollywood is a film industry in India and is considered one of the largest. It is known for its romance and music, which is the central theme in their movies. As this film industry grows bigger, it is leaving a very impactful expressions on the viewers and maybe in their life. One out of the three major sociological paradigms, which are structural functionalism, social conflict theory and symbolic interactionism, can be used to explain the power of Bollywood. In a news article written by Nurith Aizenman, she discusses how Bollywood movies are changing the way young adults are interacting. Throughout the article, it focuses on the research of Kabita Chakraborty. Chakraborty went to a small conservative Muslim neighborhood in Kolkata, a city in India, to explore the culture there. She spent her time at a CBO (community based organization) to learn more about the teens there. What she found out was the young teens are leaving the old traditions and accepting what is shown in Bollywood movies, such as the dance and dating style. One of the reasons this is happening in this community is the innovation of the television. As more of the people there are buying small television, teens spent more time watching Bollywood movies and adapting what they see (Aizenman). One event that was shocking for Chakraborty was that teenage girls and boys were basing Western dance from Bollywood. Bollywood could be seen as creating cultural hybrids. “Cultural hybrids is…

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