The Poverty Of Afric The Poorest Continent On The Planet Essay

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Often times, we see advertisements of known celebrities such as Angelina Jolie encouraging people to help Africa. How severe is poverty in Africa? Many literatures would mention that Africa is the poorest continent on the planet. The graver reality is that majority of the world’s population is not aware of the devastating effects of poverty, people living in poverty suffer from hunger and are prone to diseases. Donating to Africa is not only a call for civic mercy but more of a humanitarian aid to the people who are victims of poverty.
Packtor in 2014 reported that seventy-five percent of the poorest countries in the world are located in Africa such as Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Liberia. Residents in these countries continue to live under extreme poverty. By definition, extreme poverty is those people living on $1.25 or less per day. In the statistics gathered in 2010, estimates of 414 million people that belong to this extreme poverty condition across the sub-Saharan Africa. In relation to poverty rates, the continent of Africa is also known for its high rates of malnutrition. A shocking ratio of one in three people residing in the sub-Saharan Africa region is considered undernourished. The facts garnered for the past six years points out that Africa has the highest rate of people who are hungry in the world. In the millennium project of the United Nations, it mentioned that around an estimate of forty percent of Africans do not have regular access to sufficient food…

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