The Political And Economic Oppression Of North Korean Citizens

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The Political and Economic Oppression of North Korean Citizens
Freedom of speech is defining aspect of every American’s, life. The american dream is defined through freedom to express what is ideal to a specific individual. While the people of America may take these freedoms for granted, they are sparse in eastern civilizations, specifically North Korea. Limited freedom is nothing new in North Korea, but their sudden prominence has been aided by modern media. A corrupt economy and political system have existed in North Korea since 1953, when North and South Korea split into two states. These corrupt practices have resulted in backlash not only from the citizens of North Korea, but other states around the world. While the current situation seems unsolvable, a solution is necessary for the wellbeing of not only North Koreans, but the entire globe.
Political and economic corruption is the root of long-lasting oppression in North Korea. From the moment the state was conceived, citizens freedoms were already being taken away. 1953 marked the beginning of the communist ideology in North Korea. This meant that there was no separation between the rich and the poor. This ideology also required all property to be publicly owned, which allowed for no privacy in a citizen 's life. This spelled the start of the economy’s downfall, considering that the hard working man was not being rewarded for his extra effort, and the lazy man was being payed the same amount for doing…

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