The Playboy Interview By Marshall Mcluhan Essay

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In “The Playboy Interview” Marshall McLuhan says: “all media…are extension of man that cause deep and lasting changes in him and transform his environment”. The media represents a major and primary form of communication. It has a more negative impact on humankind than a positive one because it causes people to become more distant and divides societies. That division leads to more serious issues, such as discrimination, amongst people. The media, or social media to be more specific, is a key source of information for people nowadays. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are commonly used platforms for sharing and gaining information about what’s happening in different parts of the world. It is so simple and yet so complex and it is frequently missed used in order to spread negative opinions. When individuals excessively use social networks to do things like discriminate it causes people to drift apart creating a society of “them” vs “us. An example would be the Twitter account @MalePrivilege, which discusses white and male privilege in the media. The account tweets offensive ideas such as white males are better than everyone else and how the media is ran by and portrays predominantly white people. McLuhan’s interview claims the media is an extension of people ultimately suggesting it provides us with the necessary capabilities to cause change in our world. Though social media is still a great source of information and communication, it does not encourage real life interaction…

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