The Plague Of The Black Death Essay

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In the year 1347, the Black Death took the world by surprise. It is believed that the plague spread to Europe when a ship carrying men infected with the plague took port in the city of Messina and unknowingly infected the townspeople. The plague is a bacterium called Yersinia that is carried by animals and may be transmitted from animal to human through flea bites. The Plague took on three forms as it spread throughout Eurasia and the rest of the world. These forms include: Bubonic, Pneumonic, and Septicemic. The severity of this disease left people wondering where God was, and if the plague was a form of punishment for wrongdoings. What started as an endemic quickly became a pandemic problem as the plague spread throughout Europe and into Asia. The plague’s spread was aided by fleas, rodents, or humans that spread the disease worldwide through efficient trade and communication networks. The plague caused a great amount of changes to occur, both moral and economical. This pandemic caused many to question their faith in God, struggle to maintain relationships with loved ones out of fear of infection, and maintain a steady way of living socially and economically.

Fear ruled many people 's decisions as the plague began to rapidly spread and doctors were unable to explain or understand the disease itself, let alone know how to treat it. Families were torn apart as more and more people became infected, people began to think that the plague was God 's punishment for some ill…

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