The Penitentiary And Reformatories : The American Penal System

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Since the introduction of the penitentiary and reformatories. The American penal system, has had a punishment and restitution approach to deviant acts. For many years the United States approach on crime has been a get tough approach. This approach has led America to the highest incarnation rates in the world. Due to longer sentences, incorporating harsh sentencing guidelines, and mandatory minimum punishments. Today, more than 2 millions Americans are incarcerated in either a state facility, federal correctional facility, or a local facility. With each inmate costing tax payers an average of $30,000 annually.
From 1970 to 1994 the United States has seen its prison population double, and redouble. Interestingly, most criminologists agree that there is little relationship between rates of crimes and the rates of imprisonment. In 1995 the United Nations adopted its standard minimum rules for the treatment of inmates. This newly passed ruled, justified sentences of imprisonment only when it could be used to foster offender rehabilitation. However, American prisons continued to favor security and retribution or incapacitation (the removal of criminals from society, so that the offender can not cause any more harm to society) approaches over rehabilitation.
The four major purposes of prison were: retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, and rehabilitation. Retribution is usually satisfied by the punishment for crimes against society, by depriving the offender of their freedom.…

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