The Odyssey, By Homer Essay

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Whether in ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, or modern day America, all warriors no matter the time or culture each face the same obstacle; transitioning from the exciting unexpected world of war to civilian life. There are three different stages which each soldier faces when reintegrating back into ordinary life; the impact phase, the immediate post-disaster phase, and finally, the recovery phase. Within The Odyssey, an epic poem written by Homer, is the tale of a war hero named Odysseus and his journey from the extraordinary back into everyday life. Odysseus, like all war heroes, is faced with the challenge of reintegrating into normal everyday life and throughout the epic poem, he goes through the different stages of his transition. The first stage which any war hero goes through is the impact phase, which is when a person reacts to a disaster in order to protect their own life. When Kirke, a witch with god-like power, gives Odysseus advice for how to advance in his journey, she says to him, “Better to mourn six men than lose them all, and the ship, too” (XII. pg. 212 lines 129-130). While far from home, Odysseus is forced to make hard decisions in order to assure the survival of the majority of his men. He alone carries the burden of these hard decisions and doesn’t tell anyone of his choice, neither in the moment or after the fact. He keeps the difficult choices that he has to make to himself and carries around the guilt of the decision. The next hurdle which Odysseus is…

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