The New Jersey Division Of Child Behavioral Health Services Essay examples

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Hudson Partnership CMO is a 501(C)3 not-for-profit Care Management Organization dedicated to organizing and coordinating services, resources and support for children and adolescents five to twenty-one years of age in Hudson County with multiple and complex emotional and behavioral needs. It is a core component of the New Jersey Division of Child Behavioral Health Services ' reform effort designed to provide a better coordinated and streamlined service delivery system for children with emotional and behavioral needs, and their families. It is designed to build on the strengths of the child/youth, the family, and the community. The agency is family-driven, focusing on keeping the child at home, in school, and out of trouble.
Hudson Partnership CMO’s mission is to help children and their families live happy, healthy, productive lives and grow and flourish in the community of their choice (Hudson Partnership CMO, 2016). Their wraparound system of care for the whole family takes place in the home and involves selecting a distinctive set of needed services for that family. They help the families succeed by wrapping services around them within the community. For example, there may be a child who is having issues with anger, aggression, and following house rules. They will connect this child with an in home therapist initially then a mentor to help find positive recreational activities depending on what the families’ wishes are. To further explore issues they may also connect this…

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