The Nazi Regime Essay

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The Nazi regime was a totalitarian dictatorship led by Adolf Hitler, which ruled over Germany from 1933-1945. Throughout its existence, the regime had a notorious reputation, often characterized by the atrocities it was responsible for during the horrors of the Second World War and its many persecutions, which made the regime a phenomenon in European history. The regime has become a topic for debate amongst scholars, with many examining the motivations behind the brutal policies of the regime. A thorough examination into the regimes central policies, reveals that pragmatic thinking guided the earliest economic policies which provided the platform for more utopian ambitions to be fulfilled, thus utopian thinking shaped the major policies of the Nazi regime to a greater extent.

Prior to Nazi rule, Germany had been governed by the Weimar Republic since 1919. Throughout the Weimar democracy, Germany remained politically and economically unstable due to the international sanctions imposed on the country after the First World War. An example is the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, a settlement which forced Germany to pay reparations to the Entente powers, to surrender territory and to disarm, which crippled the power of the Weimar Republic. By 1929, the economy was dealt a further blow by the Wall Street Crash, resulting in mass unemployment for the German population along with severe hyperinflation. It was during this time that Germany descended into chaos.

In the midst of this…

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