The Nature Of Teaching And Learning Process Essay

1013 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
I believe the nature of teaching/learning process takes place through the students. From this class I have learned that students are going to have an impact on the way we teach. It’s important that I learn as a future teacher to adapt to all children and if that means changing the way I teach then so be it. If I was to teach in my way and students were not learning then it falls on me thus its important to learn through my future students on which way is more useful to teach. When I know I have gained knowledge from my students, I will see them perform better in the classroom. Students should not be defined by their test scores. Test scores don’t resemble to progress that students have made in the classroom. The way I would know if my students are succeeding in class is by looking at their activities and the way they complete their work. Some students have anxiety when it comes to test taking, I feel test like test taking is based more on memorization then actual learning. Student success is reflected on the teacher most of the time. In a progressivism classroom, students work together through social interactions of real world problems. This allows them to pick what they want to focus on, and because they want to focus on it they are going to perform better because it is their interest. Starting off as a new teacher I will not know everything but I do have a vision of how I want to run my classroom. In chapter six there is an example given about how a progressive teacher…

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