The National Youth Policy Paper

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cohesion” . Rwanda perceived the youth as a clear opportunity to shape the country’s future. The youth were a “paramount human resources for development and important factor for social change, economic development and progress”, possessing a strong potential that it would be senseless to ignore. The country admitted a strong will to offer responsibilities to the youth by integrating them and therefore creating “common objectives” that would drive the country. In terms of its economy, Rwandan living below the poverty line are estimated respectively in rural and urban areas as 65.7% and 14.3% moreover, it is important to note that 45% of the population in rural areas at that time could not meet their food needs.

The National Youth Policy paper stresses on inclusive initiatives towards the youth, via surveys addressed to the youth, the government managed to identify the priorities, the needs, the problems and the wishes of the youth population, respecting a principle of relevance . With the outcomes of the surveys, members of the governments were committed to identify and prioritized issues brought by the youth, such as education, employment and poverty issues, gender balance or national reconciliation initiatives.
They also helped ad facilitated the creation of youth national delegations holding responsibilities, ownership and respected the principle of capacity building aimed to offer leadership platforms to the youth.
These actions and the establishment of such…

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