The National Aeronautics And Space Administration Essay examples

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, remains one of the most famous government funded programs in the world. This same agency put the first dozen people on the moon, brought the world together to build the International Space Station, and explored the outer reaches of the solar system. Today, the program does not hold the same respect as previous years. Combative politics plague NASA. It needs a new budget plan to end its uneconomical rocket program: the Space Launch System. NASA has the capability to return to its former stature and recapture the public’s attention. However, significant changes are necessary to achieve this goal. Recognize the steps in history that have led NASA to this unfortunate situation. In the 1960s, the main goal of NASA was to put men on the moon, within the decade, and before the soviets. The Apollo program’s goal very clear and unanimous, every dollar spent went towards the moon landings. When the Apollo program ended, the shuttle program replaced it. The initial design called for low cost and complete reusability. Unfortunately, the insufficient research and design led to a costly and partially reusable launch system. Further flaws included the death of 14 crew members during shuttle flight. It seems that NASA has abandoned the goal of a low cost launch system, especially considering the new SLS program will cost even more. Contrastingly, low cost spaceflight development happens around the world. The Space Launch…

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