The Murder Suspect From The Canada Evidence Act Essay

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During his trial, he knew he was innocent, but the prosecution was using his former friend’s testimony against him. Even though Nichol refused to say on the stand that she had seen David stab Gail, because she really did not see. That refusal led Crown prosecutor Bobs Caldwell to use a new section of the Canada Evidence Act pertaining to the use of prior inconsistent statements to cast doubt on a witness 's credibility (Injustice E Busters, 2006). But the prosecutor was still able to read her statement to the jury. If the jury believed that Nichol had seen this crime in action, then they would have found David guilty. Making David’s situation even worse, a damning story emerged at trial that, at a party back in May 1969, fellow attendees had started teasing David about being a murder suspect (AIDWYC, 2015). Some of these young people claimed that a very high David responded by dramatically reenacting his supposed crime, stabbing a pillow and saying something to the effect that he had killed Gail (AIDWYC, 2015). David has no memory of such an event (AIDWYC, 2015). Years later, it would become crystal clear that if this incident did in fact occur, then David’s behavior was just a terrible joke in terrible taste – the kind of thing that today’s young people might be horrified to find, the next morning, immortalized on a friend’s Facebook (AIDWYC, 2015). But the incident fit perfectly into the police theory that David really had committed this crime (AIDWYC, 2015). But on…

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