The Movie ' Rosewood Regales ' The Horrific Tragedy Of Severe Racial Discrimination

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The film Rosewood regales the horrific tragedy of severe racial discrimination in the small rural community of Rosewood, Florida in the first week on 1923. While the film focuses largely on the situation from a third person point of view, it does sometimes center on Mann, a fictitious character portrayed by Ving Rhames, who is a traveler home from World War One. As he enters the town, a woman in the town, Fanny Taylor (played by Catherine Kellner), is beaten by a white man, whom we see, but instead she decides to announce to the town that she was beaten, but not raped, by a black man in an effort to conceal the fact that she is being unfaithful to her husband. Immediately, the white male community bands together in search of the “black” perpetrator, led by Sherriff Walker, and played by Michael Rooker. Having previously heard of an escaped black convict, the posse jumps to the conclusion that the escapee is the perpetrator, and soon the charges turn from “beating” to “raping and beating.” Because they are immediately convinced that Fanny Taylor is telling the truth, they blow everything out of proportion in their search for a black culprit that does not exist. Soon, KKK members from neighboring communities join the white mob. Since he is new to the town, Mann fears that he will be targeted as the perpetrator and decides to leave the town in order to remain in safety. In their search for the convict, the mob heads to the Carrier house, where Sylvester Carrier (played by Don…

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