The Modern Prometheus By Mary Shelley Essay

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Frankenstein, also known as the Modern Prometheus, is a story begins with captain finding this man dying of hypothermia on a dog sled, brought him on his ship and while the man was dying, he told the captain his life story. His story was about himself, a scientist, who was struck with grief when his mother died that he believed he could bring back the deceased by using electricity. His first trial and error he used his dog after it had been hit by a carriage, it lived for a short period and then died again. He then built a whole new body with parts he stole for the second trial and error. When he finally successfully brought the creature he built back to life he was disgusted with the creature and ran, hoping it would die or leave him. He ended up spending half of his life avoiding the creature and the other half trying to find him; he ended up dying before he could capture the creature (Wollstonecraft. 2010). This is just a summary of the whole book. Frankenstein has a whole lot more to it other than it is a reoccurring phenomenon today. Frankenstein is a story that has been around since 1818, and who it was written by, why they wrote, and why it is still so popular today, is why the story has been around this long and is the ever expanding genre that is Frankenstein.
Frankenstein was first developed by the name of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley for a challenge between her husband and some of their friends to write their own ghost stories during a very rainy summer vacation.…

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