The Mind Is An Incredible Piece Of Artistry Essay

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The human mind is an incredible piece of artistry. It can calculate the finest of details instantly, create breath-taking works of art, and allows us to understand the great sorrows of Earth. The mind can grant insight into reality and allows for the ability to feel happiness well as pain and grief, “for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” (Hamlet 2.2). This complex paradox, between awareness through knowledge and ignorance, is explored by both Donald Justice in his Italian sonnet, “The Wall”, and John Keats’s poem, “Ode to a Nightingale”. In their works this is accomplished through careful choice of poetic form, the use of analogies that define the boundary between knowledge and ignorance, and dream or sleep imagery. These poems exemplify that the concept of thought and understanding are both humankind’s greatest strength as well as its greatest weakness.

Similar to any other artist, the poet utilizes the elements of the physical realm to actualize abstract concepts. Liken to a sculptor and their chisel, the poet must use their chosen poetic form as a specialized tool for extracting art from conceptual thought. Likewise, Donald Justice specifically chose to shape his poem, “The Wall”, using the ancient form of the sonnet. The form itself stands as an anachronism for a time when holy sonnets and works such as Milton’s “Paradise Lost” were solidifying the underlying myths behind Christian beliefs. Justice blurs the line between those venerable…

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