Essay on The Media 's Image Conscious Society

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The greatest influence in today’s image conscious society is media. This collection of images is often a tool for society to learn about the world around them. From Sesame Street to the local news, Television in particular in its wide range accessibility has become a mass messaging tool, depicting all parts of life, for both men and women. The portrayed of each sex can have a profound effect on how viewers develop their understanding of gender. With statistics year after year pointing to a lack of female representation in the media along with standard traditional characters of both genders embracing stereotypical roles and these roles being over emphasized in male and female relationships all show how much the media can perpetuate unrealistic, stereotypical behavior. The media has contributed to the generalization of stereotypes, labeling all women in society and leading to young girls accepting these ideas; with the help of shows like ABC’s The Bachelor, the perpetuation of these beliefs prevails in American culture.
Since the 1950s, Women have been portrayed mainly as housewives, caretakers, and maids. Although some women are happy living in these roles, it is yet another way that society has shaped the role of women through the media. The Bachelor has allowed television to design, the role of women in American’s conscience. The essay, Ma(s)king identity in the New Millennium, decodes gender codes as “a culturally constructed system that prescribes the…

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