The Media Has Changed Our Lives Essay

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Social Media has changed our lives completely, people communicate so much more through the keyboard instead of picking up the phone. Relationships can suffer from the lack of real communication, although some friendships grow after seeing a quick message of hello. It can help people who are socially isolate or shy connect with people; on the other hand, it is correlated with personality and brain disorders such as the need for instant gratification, ADHD and addictive personalities. One simple like or comment could create and everlasting friendship or it could ruin one. The media hurts relationships because of all of the personal news that they report to us. We look at superstars who we hope will make it and then see that now they split up. We can be so influenced by their behavior and live in a fantasy world, eventually not realizing what is going on in our own lives. Human beings yearn for belonging and connection. Being glued to the internet interferes with the natural being of how we should interact. So much of the media today is solely blaming the technology for harm done, but the people who are involved are just as responsible. With technology giving us answers at the click of a button we have more access to all sorts of information. With this easily accessible information how does it negatively impact our behaviors on a daily basis, especially when it comes to social interact.

Social networking creates new social connections and may rekindle old ones.…

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