Essay about The Meaning Of The Word Commerce

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The word "commerce" itself is a source of controversy. The Constitution does not explicitly define the word commerce just like the constitution does not define the word man when it comes to the requirements for qualifying to meet the requirement for running for office. Some beliefs that it refers simply to trade or exchanges while others claim that the founding fathers intended for the word commerce to mean commercial and social interactions between citizens of different states. Since there is no clear cut right answer for what commerce really means in terms of what the founding fathers wanted it to mean, the popular interpretation of the word "commerce" that I have seen in the case 's that we have studied so far to me means that commerce stands for an interaction between citizens and states in terms of issues that affects trade and the validation of the constitution and federal power. Before going into the full analysis of the commerce clause, I would like to say that the Supremacy clause builds into the commerce clause and its validity and boundaries. Article VI, Paragraph 2 of the constitution is commonly referred to as the supremacy clause and it establishes that the federal constitution and federal law generally take precedence over state law even state constitution. Based on the numerous cases we have looked at this semester, the case 's outcome usually relies upon and depends on jurisdiction and the validity. When looking at the expansion of powers and the…

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