The Main Components Of A Flat Plate Collector Essay

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The main components of a flat-plate collector, as shown in Figure 3, are the following [5]:
• Cover. Glass or other radiation-transmitting material.
• Heat removal fluid passageways. Tubes, fins, or passages which containing fluid from the inlet to the outlet.
• Absorber plate. Flat, corrugated, or grooved plates are attached to tubes, fins, or passages. A special attachment is the embedded fixing shown in the detail of Figure 3.2. The plate is usually coated with a high-absorbent, low-emittance layer.
• Headers or manifolds. The pipes and ducts which discharge the fluid.
• Insulation. Reduce the heat loss from the back and sides of the collector.
• Container. The casing surrounds the upper parts to protect them from dust, moisture

Solar energy can be either used for producing electricity directly or to produce heat. The combination of photovoltaic and thermal systems (PV/T) is particularly attractive because of its efficiency directly converting solar energy into electricity and heat at the same time. A photovoltaic/thermal (PV/T) system mainly comprises a photovoltaic module and a solar thermal collector. This section will give general details about solar cell modules, also called photovoltaic or PV modules. First, it describes basic working principle of the solar cell, the types, the efficiency of solar cells and the modules available. The energy output and characteristics of modules under various temperature and radiation are explained. I-V curves (current-voltage curves)…

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