Essay on The Lived Experience Of The Black Man

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In the excerpt, “The Lived Experience of the Black Man,” Fanon allows his readers to explore the psychology of race. Throughout the passage, he shows how racial stereotypes play a role in the lives of African Americans. In addition, he describes the experiences that African Americans face everyday. Fanon provides commentary on racism in order to show a new perspective in the unfair treatment of African Americans.
Fanon begins by capturing the audience 's attention through vulgar language. For example, he says “dirty nigger!” (Fanon 89). He strategically uses crude diction in order to convey the injustices he faces as an African American. He continues on by explaining the experiences he has faced due to his skin color. For instance, other people would “fixes [Fanon] with his gaze, his gestures and attitude” (Fanon 89). Moreover, he suggests that if a black man remained on his native territory, then he will not have to face such experiences, which ultimately makes him feel inferior. Fanon also uses personal anecdotes and experiences in order to show that African Americans are perceived only for their skin color. He explains how he attempts to undermine the comments of a little boy. The little boy was constantly screaming “Look! A Negro!” (Fanon 91). Initially, Fanon described the little boy’s comments to sting. However, he learns to take this insult humorously. Although Fanon takes the boy’s comments lightly, he still shows that he is astounded when the child said, “Maman,…

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