The Link Between Business Teaching, Creativity And Entrepreneurs

1752 Words Apr 22nd, 2015 null Page
Creativity is a fundamental characteristic of entrepreneurs. The link between business teaching, creativity and entrepreneurs has been widely studied on the last years both from the academics and business perspective. However, there is a gap in the research of the link between social entrepreneurship and creativity, specifically in teaching creativity to entrepreneurs. Therefore my research aims to determine the influence of creativity in the development of social entrepreneurs.
The overall purpose of this literature review is to establish the current state of the research of social entrepreneurship and its relationship with the teaching of creativity among social entrepreneurs to understand how social entrepreneurs are influenced by creativity.
While my research question focuses on understanding the influence of creativity in their development, the literature review will focus on the following questions: the current definition of social entrepreneurship, the increasing importance of social entrepreneurs, the current conceptualization of creativity in social entrepreneurship, the role that creativity plays in the development of social entrepreneurship, the approaches to creativity education that currently exist or haven been studied in social entrepreneurship and the impact of different types of creativity education on social entrepreneurship.
Moreover, it is important to identify how creativity in teaching and learning is addressed in the available literature review.…

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