The Lindall Finley Wortham Theatre Essay

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The Lindall Finley Wortham Theatre is located on the campus of the University of Houston. It is a well-maintained campus with easy to navigate road, and has spacious parking directly in front of the theatre. It is a small, simple theatre with a cozy feel and comfortable seating. There were only a handful of attendees which made for a very pleasurable afternoon with little distractions during the performances. The seats were slanted down toward the stage and I sat in the center of the theater where I had a perfect view of the show. The Ensemble Dance Works showcase was made up of seven modern dance performances choreographed by various choreographers and performed by the University of Houston School of Theatre and Dance students. The two performances I will evaluate for this paper are: Smiling Calm, choreographed by John Beasant III, and Hello Mary, choreographed by Teresa Chapman.
The curtains opened displaying a simple black stage with only one light shining on the center of the stage. Illuminated by this light were two girls lying in a prone position with their feet pointed toward the left side of the stage. A male voice began speaking as if he were narrating a story. The girls then began to slowly rise from the floor and a soft humming with a consistent beat started to play. The lights got brighter as four more performers joined them on stage; one male and three females. All of the dancers were barefoot and dressed in royal blue sweat suits with white pin stripes down…

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