The Light Past The Curtain Essay

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The Light Past the Curtain
Meagan Hoekman
February 20, 2016

With today’s success and wealth, many homes replicate the same characteristics as the Weed family shows in John Cheever’s short story “The Country Husband”. Looking in on the outside we see near perfection. We visualize physical evidence of perfected families, the same friendly, suburb neighborhood, white-picket fence, and kids playing in the backyard. Further on through Cheever’s interpretation we actually see what goes on inside theses houses are anything but the stereotypical perfection. The Weed’s family household fits anything but this stereotype. Through the eyes of Francis, we see him struggling with different emotions contemplating on his family, babysitter, friends, and most importantly his value of life as a resident in Shady Hill. After a near death experience, he expected some sort of response or sympathy from his family but received quite the opposite reaction. He comes to the realization that everyone within the community of Shady Hill believes their reputability is far more important than what actually goes on outside their lives (Armitage). He believes the significance of life has more meaning and purpose than just having a good reputation within a community. Without realizing it he feels his life is missing something, something more than the boring standards set by the community of Shady Hill. He tries to overcome these feelings but his ways of coping and dealing…

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