The Life Of Humanae Vitae By Pope Paul Vi Essay

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Humanae Vitae is written by Pope Paul VI. He is defending his beliefs of the Catholic Church. The encyclical is written for the Patriarchs, Archbishops, Bishops, and Clergy of the Catholic Church. The main topics discussed are for the concern of married people and human society. The encyclical is focused on many different issues that are causing problems in the world today such as marriage, procreation, and abortion which are relevant to all communities and the world as a whole. There has been concerns that as married couples have children and procreate there will be less and less resources available to the next children born. Many are worried that the world population will grow quicker than the resources needed for the new population to survive. This brings into question the totality of marriage to be less prolific and to have a more rational planned family. If the married couple does decide to plan their next child or decides not to, this could be considered as a type of birth control, which in many religions is not looked upon fondly. There has also been discussion that people today are more conscious and regulated by their responsibilities and therefore plan their pregnancies. Married couples today determine whether to have a child if it is in the best interest of them and the possible baby based on physical, economic, psychological, and social conditions. Responsible parents will keep their priorities straight, fulfill their own duties with God, next themselves, then…

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