Essay about The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Anne Jacobs

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In the narrative of Incidents in the life of a slave girl, Harriet Anne Jacobs accounts for all the treacherous moments she experience as being a chattel. She sympathized for all slaves especially those who were women. Women, as she implied, where comparably worthless to a men in the eyes of a plantation owner. They were given smaller portions of food to live off of and constantly separated from their children who they bore and raised. If a women was to have a beautiful face, Jacobs stated, that was to be both a curse and a blessing. This was due to the fact that as a slave women, sometimes they were looked upon by their master or their overseer through eyes of lustfulness. If the women was to be beautiful, then it was nearly impossible for her to escape the grasp of sexual harassment that she would endure from the “superior” beings that where over her.
Such cases was true for Jacobs. She worked inside the home and surprisingly became the object of sexual enticement of her master. The mistress, taking note on the special treatment and attention her husband gave to Jacobs, was enraged with jealousy. So not only was Jacobs struggling to resist the sexual passes made to her by her master, but she was also steadily looking over her back to make sure her mistress didn’t try to harm her in acts of rage. Due to the circumstances Jacobs was in, she intentionally degraded herself and lowered her moral standards by sleeping with another and bearing two children by him, in attempts to…

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