The Lack Of Self Actualization And Self Worth Influences People

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Or in other words, our desire to fit in with others, overrules our morals, values, and other proven things to be right or wrong. I agree 100% with this statement because of personal experiences, others stories of how they conformed, and the natural human desire to want to be accepted. In my essay I’m going to present the lack of self actualization and self worth influences people to have more willingness to fit in and conform than to actually be themselves.
Everybody has a choice in what they do or say. Nobody can make anybody do anything they don’t want to do. Everybody has friends. Anybody can make a friend. Nobody will lose friends because they don’t “go with the flow.” Now if all of the things I just said were true, there would be no such thing as peer pressure...correct? Not everybody has a say in what they do or say. Anybody can lose friends. Not everybody can make friends. A common denominator of all these statements is CONFORMITY. Compliance with standards, rules, or laws. But wait, conformity is a good thing right? Decision making will be easier and everyone will be acting alike. Conformity would be easier for people with low self esteem because they will feel a sense of belonging in the group. That group will run more effectively. After all who wants a group of people full of new ideas, insights, and suggestions. In a study done by Solomom Asch in 1951, “The participant and confederates were instructed to provide their answers out loud, and the…

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