Essay on The Lack Of Grit Starts

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The lack of grit starts when we are first born and can lead all the way into the college years. Peter Gray, Ph.D., a research professor at Boston College and author, explains in an article on Psychology Today how less resilient students are shaping the landscape for the future of America. There is no clear-cut answer as to what is causing the problem; however, he states many reasons why this could be happening. A major complication is students are frightened of failure. If they fail, they are unable to cope with it. Not being able to cope with failure is attributable to growing up without grit. If you are not challenged in life, the absence of resilience can penetrate all throughout life. Thus leaving a sense of helplessness and abandonment (Gray Ph.D.).
Furthermore, parents are not solely the people to blame for the absence of resilience; teachers also create major setbacks. In today’s society, teachers and professors are granting more leniencies towards students than ever before. Opponents may suggest that professors are supplying students with an overabundance of knowledge, when in actuality it can be done (Selingo). The reason that this message is being conveyed is due to the fact that students are feeling over worked to maximum capacity. Ultimately, a little bite of stress in life is good for you, but sometimes it is too much. It benefits a student by allowing them to develop their mind and lifestyles.
Not only do these advocates feel helicopter parenting may be…

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