The Keeping Up Appearances the Importance of the Israeli Narrative in a Global Perspective

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In 1896, the Hungarian born Jew, Theodor Herzl, published his book Der Judenstaat, or The Jewish State (Sheilds, Sep.26). This book marks the birth of the modern Zionist movement, as it was the first to propose the idea of the creation of a separatist Jewish state. In 1917, the Zionist movement gained currency with the issuance of the Balfor Declaration, a letter written by the United Kingdom’s foreign secretary to Baron Rothschild, a leader of the Jewish community in England (Cleveland, 242). The declaration stated that the government of Great Britain would support and facilitate the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine(Cleveland, 243). Palestine, to justify the wholesale appropriation of Palestine for a Jewish nation, was …show more content…
26). This doctrine is vital to the Jewish narrative of their independence, a key tenant of which is the pure intent of the Jewish population, as it promotes the idea that their only wish being to claim their ancient home land and make it a safe place for themselves and their children. An important piece of this is, of course, is the minimization of the Palestinian population in the region to create the impression that Israel occupied land no one else wanted. The Jewish narrative presents Palestinians as being a minor people who would be immeasurably enriched, both culturally and economically by a large Jewish population (Sheilds, Sep. 26). The narrative therefore, depicts the invading forces of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt, as invading Israel not to help the Palestinians, but as an overtly aggressive action borne of an acute hatred of the Zionism and the Jewish people (Eban, War of Independence, 55). In the Jewish narrative, the invasion of Arab forces is the first of many attempts to eradicate Jews by inflicting incredible losses on the civilian population (Eban, War of Independence, 48). Equally important to this narrative is the image of the desperate courage of the baby nation of Israel (Eban, War of Independence, 49). The Jewish narrative focuses on the hopeless nature of the Israeli cause, their meager strength, and lack of weaponry as compared with the overwhelming strength of the Arab armies* (Eban, War of Independence, 48). Despite

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