The Journal Of The Association For Childhood Education International

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The Journal of the association for Childhood Education international is an integrative research publication publish by the association of childhood education. This journal has many articles, some of them are the following: “Enhancing the Quality of Early Childhood Care and Education Globally,” “Growing Readers: Everyone’s Job,” “Sociocultural Contexts for Learning in Families and Communities.” The journal of childhood education addresses subject matters about the importance of education at an early age. It is clearly seen that this journal examines many methods and reasons on why educating children is fundamental for their future. This is done by making comparisons of different manners of educations around the nation. Overall, the purpose of the journal is to give the readers information about diverse strategies to fortify the quality of services for young children; in order to not have differences in culture, race, and language a barrier for a child to have a better education.
Editors of the Journal of Childhood Education are a variation, there are professors in the Department of Education or the department of child development. Other editors are researchers in the Department of Social and Political Sciences, Specialist in Early Literacy Research and in Psychology. All this authors work or graduated from many different universities around the Nation for example, Indiana University, Ohio State University, University of KwasZulu-Natal, Pacific Lutheran University, Nagoya…

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