The Job Of A Correctional Agency Essay

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The job of a Correctional official is to detect danger in prisons. These same officials can also detect opportunity to make changes and improve the system as well. Within local jails, state prisons and federal penitentiaries, they serve as the voice of authority as they ensure the security and well-being of prisoners. The job of a correctional official is to stop a violent conflict and ensure order within the prison walls and also to support opportunities to rehabilitate prisoners. Rehabilitation is one of the most important parts of our criminal justice system because it is a program that will allow a prisoner to learn a skill to survive once they are out of prison or use a skill for a job while in prison. There are over 400,000 correctional officers currently serving in county, state and federal detention facilities in the country. Everyday these experts display the power of character, mental wisdom and collaboration; however, incarceration is increasing dramatically which causes frustration within this political structure. The correctional officer cannot make the laws; he just has to enforce them. Incarceration is one way that criminals are punished in the United States but rehabilitation should be another option. Therefore, the punishment of Life without Parole is a better option for a criminal because it will allow for rehabilitation within the prison walls. Many people have decided that the Death Penalty is a way to reduce the prison population and the…

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