The Issue Of A Gun Is Needed For Safety And Protection Essay

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Here in America, we have experienced or heard about one senseless shooting after another on high school, college, and even elementary school campuses. Each time an incident occurs, it brings the gun issue closer and closer to the forefront to the American people. The United States of America was founded and has incessantly evolved as a free society. Despite that fact, there is still that a great fear of a dictatorial government that encourages the idea that a gun is needed for safety and protection. This same concept furthermore explains why there are over 250 million guns in our society. Both students and teachers should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on school, especially and of course, on college campuses. This is because the brandishing of a weapon can force an active shooter to recoil or change his attack plan. It would also give those being attacked an opportunity to protect themselves, and also give them a better chance to consciously save other lives.

It is bizarre how many organizations, to include parents and teachers in America have fought to keep schools and colleges gun-free zones, but yet and still they have become the most common targets for mass shootings. In giving this topic a lot of thought from real life experiences seen in the news all around the world, it seems only right to conclude that it is because criminals or a person, who wants to do harm to others, whether out of revenge or to gain publicity, knows that this is the one…

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