The Is The Most Mind Boggling Class I 've Ever Taken? Essay

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Medieval Philosophy is the most mind boggling class I’ve ever taken. There are several opinions I have about the topic on religion. I believe that there is only one God and that he is “Good”, all knowing and all powerful. Also the way Plotinus looked at the “One” and explained gave me a new way of looking at the topic. Lastly I will be talking about religion as a whole and the many ideas behind religion and faith. As mentioned before, I believe that there is one God and that he is “Good”. If we look back on Ancient Greece, we see that they supposedly had twelve gods. If there is only one God then there can’t be twelve of them as in Ancient Greece. Also back then, the supposed gods weren’t “Good”. Many of the gods were warlike, dishonest and sexual. Zeus is a great example for this. He was married to his sister Hera, which is incest right off the bat and to make it worse he cheated on her with many women that were mortal, meaning human. Many of the gods were also warlike. Some of them also fought in wars. The gods also liked for people to be sacrificed, and they would even go watch the sacrifices too, because they enjoyed it so much. Next God is not an actual physical person and God cannot physically come to Earth. During Ancient Greece Gods would just come down to Earth and as a human form and that is not possible. Now for God as the way Christianity looks at it. There is only one God. God cannot come down and interact with humans. God in general is not evil as how many…

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