The Is The Lottery, A Nation Wide Sensation Essay examples

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When we see ourselves the happiest it’s in our foreign car, parked in our multi-million dollar estate, surrounded by those whom share the same passion, money. These are the false realities that surface to the average civilians mind while hopping onto his dreaded bus ride to some undesired job. But, what if that could change, in seconds? 300 million dollars, directly put into your bank account. That would surely bring pure joy into someones life, right? Well, that shot of riches is called the lottery, a nation wide sensation, even more powerful and addicting than most drugs on the market today. In todays society we humans associate money with happiness. Money never ends, there will always be another zero to add, so if happiness correlates with money, the search for happiness will never end. Those that go from the coined catch phrase, “Rags To Riches” seemingly don 't know how to handle this large quantity of money. Indeed, 44% of those who have ever won large lottery prizes were broke within five years, according to a 2015 Camelot Group study (Edelman). Money can only buy temporary satisfaction. Those whom come into money, large quantities, are no happier than before, and become less happy over time due to stress, and ultimately lose it all in the long run.

There are many contingencies when it come to where one can be happy without money. Having money will surely solve the stress of finical securities. Although being finically stable is reassuring, that doesn 't directly…

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