The Is A Problem That Affects Most Seniors Essay

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Senioritis is a problem that affects most seniors after they have applied and been accepted to college. It not only affects the average senior, but the top of the top of the class seniors as well. In the article Fighting senioritis By Eric Hoover, he states:
“The Lost Opportunity of Senior Year: Finding a Better Way," released in 2001, the commission found that for many students, that year "becomes party-time rather than a time to prepare for one of their most important life transitions. ... Many students reported 'ditching ' senior classes because the atmosphere encouraged them to consider senior year a farewell tour of adolescence and school." The commission also suggested that senioritis may, in fact, be most pervasive among the "best and the brightest," given that the savviest students understand that it 's what they accomplish through the end of their junior year that will determine where they attend college.” (Hoover, 2003)
Seniors feel as if what they do after they get accepted to college doesn 't matter, “Grades don’t matter, I’ve been accepted anyways."() If some students don’t care about their grades once they get accepted, they could get a letter warning them about their spot in the school. If the student doesn’t take that threat seriously, their spot in the college they want to go to could be given to someone else. Some seniors in their first year of college need some form of remediation courses, whether it be English or Math. This could be due to the fact…

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