The Invention Of The Radio Essay

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The invention of the radio has profoundly changed the American culture with its creation by allowing more and more people being exposed to new ideas, music, news, and entertainment. This idea of expression of individual tastes in music is central to American culture, which correlates to the Americans’ unique belief that each citizen has freedom to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; people have the freedom to listen , read, or watch whatever media they wish to. The first place that radio created cultural expansion was with the music industry. Now that radio could be heard by millions instead of a street musician being able to reach 10-20 people, new music genres like Folk, Country, Blues appeared and exploded in popularity. These genres would form a foundation upon all future “American” music would be based upon, and also the futures of thousands of recording artists ranging from the religious Carrie Underwood to the secular Luke Bryan. Author Jack Lule states that “without programs that featured these country and blues artists, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash would not have become national stars, and country music may not have risen to become a popular genre” (15). These early legends of music had the benefit of exposure over the airwaves, and their broadcasted music would influence American musical choices in the following centuries. As of today, according to Billboard Magazine, 42% of the population are country music fans, which breaks down to 95 million country…

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