The Infatuation With Power And The Destruction Of Self Essays

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The Infatuation with Power and the Destruction of Self in King Lear An ambitious nature is one of which is common within various characters in William Shakespeare’s plays. It describes an individual of whom holds earnest desires, be it for power, fame, wealth or honour. It is often that these characters are linked with destruction and it is particularly evident in William Shakespeare’s King Lear. Within the tragedy, it is the infatuation of power which leads to the destruction of self. This degeneration of character is most notably seen in King Lear himself, as well as in the base Edmund. There are various forms of destruction that can occur for a character. For King Lear, his destruction of self is rooted deeply in both mental and physical aspects. In Lear’s introduction, he is “far from coming across as a pathetic old man, Lear projects a commanding presence…, towering over the other figures on the stage.”1 Evidently, Lear’s authoritative figure is shown in the respect he receives and to the audience, it is clear that his mental and physical states are intact. It is when Lear reveals his plan that his lust for power begins to show. Lear intends to give away his kingdom:
With reservation of an hundred knights, By you to be sustained, shall our abode Make with you by due turn. Only we shall retain the name, and all th’addition to a king.2
This now conditional offer – “the father who wishes to retire from royal responsibilities but retain all his power and…

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