The Inequalities Between Men And Women Essay

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The inequalities between men and women can be perceived in many domains within our society, in which one of them being within popular culture today. There are many sexist barriers and restrictive notions about women’s physical appearance, their athletic ability, and their roles within society. Within popular culture today, women have been targeted by many stereotypes that criticize their skills and abilities. Advertising has the most powerful effect in which as the ability to create, shape and reinforce cultural norms and strengthen gender stereotypes. However, despite the criticism of women within the media, this paper will enhance women empowerment through mass media. I will analyze women empowerment campaigns of certain companies such as Wear Your Voice magazine, Nike, and always to demonstrate how these brands are using advertising as a way to challenge gender norms and empower women. I will draw theories of the male gaze and radical feminism to explain that advertising and marketing have undermined women in numerous ways that have led not only women, however, as well as society to perceive women in a certain way. I will then conclude this essay by illustrating how popular culture has the ability to determine the ways others try to make meaning for us. Thus, demonstrating how women empowerment can be illustrated within advertising and marketing, creating awareness for many people.

The idea of women empowerment refers to the formation of an environment for women, where…

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