Essay on The Independence Of The United States

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Parties were destined to play a central role in American politics ever since the introduction of representative democracy in the United States after the establishment of the US constitution in 1788. The founding fathers of American agreed that direct democracy would be detrimental to US society. James Madison wrote in the the Federalist papers 10 that direct democracy would create the tyranny of the majority, whereby political decisions would favor the majority and disregard the interests of the minority. Representative democracy was the resulting equilibrium: protecting individual rights, while giving citizens a voice. Though parties were not officially part of the American constitution, the existence of a constitutional republic made the rise of parties inevitable and influential. Direct democracy would have allowed those affected by policy to decide the policy. The advent of representative democracy introduced a partition between the people and political decisions. Parties arose to bridge the gap between citizens and politics. In exchange for support, parties implemented policies in the interest of their followers. Recognizing that strong factional interests could be detrimental to society, the founding fathers believed that parties competing for power would result in a more stable society and a more effective implementation of decisions than would be created by the self-governance of direct democracy. Importantly, however, parties needed to be in power to implement…

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