The Independence Issue By Elucidating Any Underlying Goals And Values

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The overall aim of the study is to clarify the independence issue by elucidating any underlying goals and values and, as such, enhance mutual understanding for the viewpoints held by the main stakeholders in the debate, especially those expressed by individuals at the grassroots level. As such, it offered participants the opportunity to make their voice heard on a political matter of great importance both to them and to the country by contributing to the discourses that may shape their nation’s future. There was no risk to participants as the survey and the interviews were conducted anonymously and therefore any potentially sensitive data is not attributable to persons who responded to the survey.

The research did not involve any significant hazards for the participants. They were merely asked to voice their own personal opinion on an important political matter. If this caused any psychological distress at all, the interview would have been immediately stopped. As the researcher, I endeavoured to remain unbiased and an innocuous recipient of information without getting involved in any in-depth discussion of the issues at hand. Verbalising their opinion did not seem to have any negative impact on the participants. On the contrary, I did everything I possibly could to make participants feel that their opinion was highly valued and interesting, regardless of its contents.
Official ethical and scientific approval for the project was obtained on 15 July 2015. Hence, the study…

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