The Importance Of Your Mind Essay

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The Importance of Your Mind In today 's society there is a doctor for almost every part of your body. Yearly, people will visit an array of doctors to have check ups on their body, teeth, eyes, you name it. People do this because they have to keep their body in perfect running condition. It’s like a car, you have to keep changing the oil and making sure all the parts work correctly or else the car will not run. If people can go and make sure their outer body is in perfect running condition, why can’t they do the same for their mind? How is it that in a survey that was taken in 2004 it stated, “ Indeed, 48 percent of those polled reported a visit to a mental health professional by someone in their household this year” (Survey Par. 2). This survey shows that less than half of the population visits a doctor to check on their mental health. Society views mental health less important than physical health, and that needs to change. When people talk about mental illness there is often really heavy and negative connotations associated with it. No one wants to say they see a therapist yearly. If they do admit to seeing a therapist, they seem “crazy” or as if something is “wrong” with them. When it comes to everyday stress and problems, most people suck it up and kind of just deal with whatever it is they are going through. For stress like that it’s fine because usually it’s something that you can deal with. However when that stress starts to build up most people do not know…

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