The Importance Of Teaching As A Teacher Essays

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Teaching is a vocation that should only be reserved for the people who are passionate about helping others meet their goals, willing to being a strong leader in a community and able to effectively convey difficult concepts to adolescents and children. Another aspect that is a necessity for choosing teaching as a lifetime-career is enjoying teaching as a profession. If a teacher does not truly enjoy going to school early every morning and staying late to grade papers in order to better the lives’ of their students, they should not be a teacher. Even though I am only twenty-two years old, I have already become accustomed to a teaching lifestyle. In 2012 I started substitute teaching during breaks from college and during the semester when I was available. I am overjoyed when I receive a phone call from the high or middle school about a substitute teaching opportunity. I thoroughly like helping students, teaching lesson plans and being in a school setting. Although I do believe this passion for teaching and the skills I have learned as a substitute will translate over to when I am a professional teacher, there are many differences between the two. I acknowledge that substituting is only a glimpse of what a teacher does. However, I relished this glimpse and I am striving to become a more permanent educational professional. Furthermore, I chose my vocation of teaching because I know I will enjoy being a teacher. I also believe that I will be a very effective teacher. I believe…

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