The Importance Of Self Care On Nursing School Essay

1556 Words Mar 8th, 2016 null Page
The Importance of Self Care on my Success in Nursing School and Career The importance of self-care for nurses is a critical to the ability to be successful throughout nursing school and our careers. Careers in nursing and completing school can be very stressful and challenging. Developing strategies to reduce this pressure will allow me to healthier and happier during this process. The areas I want to improve on include asking for help when I need it, getting more sleep, and losing some weight. To implement these changes I will focus on healthy and positive changes that I can realistically make. This will include improving communication skills, allowing appropriate amount of time for sleep, and improving my diet and exercise habits. In making these changes I hope to decrease my stress levels and become healthier. This in turn will help me become a more successful student and nurse.
Areas of Self-Care Nursing school can be very stressful and overwhelming at times. When I started this journey I had many reservations and was worried I may not be up to the challenge. Once I was accepted I was able to calm down and realize I would be great at this. As I am finishing my first quarter in nursing school I realize there is a whole new set of stressors in my life. Making some changes in my life can help to reduce some of this stress and allow for a healthier life. The first area I need to improve on is asking for help when it is needed. I have found that worrying that…

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